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It's time to give these bottles the love they deserve! I ship from West Virginia. I use plenty of bubble wrap, tape around caps with electrical tape, and mail in bubble mailers. Shipping is $3.50 to the US with delivery confirmation. (I am happy to ship elsewhere, just let me know where in the world you are!)

I prefer to sell for now, UNLESS you have some Reflected Vulva. I covet more of that beauty and would potentially be willing to swap a few bottles for one of it.

Once upon a time, I had a ton of feedback on the forums, but as we all know - database still needs a plug-in. If you're concerned, I can give you references. I do have a feedback thread on the forum, but have only sold a bottle since the forum has been revived.

I'll hold things for up to 48 hours if you ask. If you disappear for longer than that after I have responded with my paypal address (and I'm on top of things), I'll remove "pending" from items.

Please comment here. Thanks for looking!
(all but one have been tested, a few decanted out of where noted)
13, 7/13/07 (pink label, green 13) - $16 (full to bottom of neck)
13, April 2007 (purple label, orange 13) - $14 (full to top of label)
Bilquis - $16 (full to top of shoulder)
Mabon 2010 - $14 (decanted out of once, full to top of label)
Occupy Wall Street - $14 (only sniffed)
Pruno - $5 (tested lightly off cap twice)
Sachs - $15 (decanted out of once, full to top of label)
Wood Horse - $18 (full to bottom of neck, only lightly tested)

Possets - $5
Inez (never used)
Kate (never used)
Santa Fart (has been tested lightly)
Titanium White (has been tested lightly)
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