Jan. 5th, 2007

Apparently, the Albany "International" Airport is moving up in the world - it has wireless! And it works. And it's free. Wow.

Traveling is always . . . an experience. Aside from the frequent delays and rerouting and so on. I reocgnize that I am not the average American. In any given year, particularly since I moved to Seattle, I fly like 7-8 times a year. Checking in, going through security, and so forth are no mysteries to me. So, I always find it rather puzzling when I'm behind people who are completely clueless. How do people not know they need to take their laptops out of the case? Or remove their shoes? Their belts? And that there have been new regulations on carrying liquids on planes for months now? I mean, christ - didn't that make the news? I realize not everyone reads the FAA website before they travel, but all of this just seems like common knowledge to me. I guess it's a result of spending so many hours in airports . . .

I ran into my statistics professor from junior year at SUNYA. Amazingly, he remembers me - that I'm in Seattle, that I have different hair, that I'm working on my PhD in political science. It is always a little surprising to me to be forced to recognize that I must have made enough of an impact on an individual (particularly a professor) for them to remember me 4+ years later.

Oh, and I bought my ticket for the last week of January. Now it's several days less than 3 weeks away. I must be crazy. (Sam, we'll talk later.)



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