Jan. 6th, 2007

It's so very good to be in the presence of Maynard & Hermione again. I think they've forgiven me.
While I was back east I made a fairly large Lush order in order to take advantage of the Free For All. The problem was, every time I would add another item, I would only be a few more dollars away from the next level (which would allow me to select another free product), so I got a little carried away . . . I got back to Seattle last night and had the fabulously smelling Lush box waiting for me.

Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb
All That Jasmine Bath Bomb
Each Peach Massage Bar
Schnuggle Body Butter
Score Foure Skincare Gift Set (X 2 - one for me and one for my cousin who's birthday is a few days away)
Rock Star Soap (for same cousin)
Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar
Heavenly Bodies Buttercream
Almond Butter Buttercream
Tried to order 2 Holiday Bubble Bath Bar, but they sold out before they put my order together :(
And with a few things omitted because they're gifts . . .

For $0.00 (because I purchased all that stuff), I got . . .

100ml Snow Fairy Shower Gel
250ml Ol' Blue Skies is Back Shower Gel
100g Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream
250ml Skin Sin Hand & Body Cream
Ginger Dusting Powder
45g Helping Hands Hand Moisturizing Cream

I also got free samples of Happy Soap and Mud Flats.

I think I may try one of the shower gels, the shaving cream, skin sin, and the ginger dusting powder while showering and getting ready today.

What's worse, is that I still may head over to the Bellevue store this afternoon to see if they have any goodies leftover for the Free For All . . . I just can't help myself.



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