Jan. 11th, 2007

I give up. After a solid week of crappy nights' sleep, sleep will be drug induced this evening.


Jan. 11th, 2007 05:44 pm
I figured it was time I post something other than a bitter one liner.

This is the song played in the trailer for 300 - it's perfect for the trailer, and pretty incredible on its own. NIN has always been a band I intended to investigate, but never got around to. So far, I've only purchased this song (I was curious to hear what the rest of it sounded like after watching the 300 trailer a dozen plus times . . . I need something to tide me over until March), but perhaps more soon.

Today I:
Dropped 3 bags of clothing off at Goodwill
Dropped my retarded form off at financial aid (because I completed my MA, according to them I've graduated and am continuing on in a different degree program . . . completely ignoring the fact that the Pol Sci department doesn't accept terminal masters students and yet, everyone is required to get a master's before proceeding to the PhD. Ah bureaucracy.)
Washed dishes
Did 2 loads of laundry
Submitted my paper proposal to LSA
Brushed Maynard
Cleaned up after Hermione threw up in Maynard's dry food bowl (Um, ew - to this day, I gag when I have to clean up cat puke. Yet another reason to avoid children.)
Tossed a huge stack of magazines (my stupid pack-rat-ness . . . )
Reserved a rental car for my week home at the end of the month

I now have a complete exam comittee - the third member from my MA committee wrote me back last night and agreed to stay on through my dissertation. It will prove to be a very interesting committee (the dissertation) I suspect. I plan to ask one other professor who does public policy/american politics. Apparently he's actually asked after me before, and he's really great on committees, so it would be silly not to ask him. So that will be two from public law, two from american politics, and potentially one from SUNYA. Five is a fairly large dissertation comittee, but it suits me, since my interests are a bit all over the map and my project will very likely try to bring academic worlds together that don't usually talk to one another.

Now I just have to read. *rolls eyes at self*

I also received an email today from the chair of the Politics and Sexuality section of the WPSA letting me and a handful of other graduate students know that HRC has decided to give grants to the five of us that are presenting on panels in that section at the upcoming meeting in Vegas - the grant will likely cover conference registration and 3 nights at the hotel. Amounts aside, it was a really great surprise. It's nice to see an organization like HRC take an interest in academic pursuits that deal with their issues.

And, I finally feel like I can introduce everyone to the new furball in my extended cat family now that she has a name. Mom was being indecisive for a very, very long time. It's only been about two weeks, but she is apparently already sleeping right next to my mom's head! So cute. Whiskers told us she was 2, but we're a little suspicious. She's so tiny and looks so kitten-like!

Without further delay, meet Lola )



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