Jan. 15th, 2007

In a funk.
Furball picspam from the last several days. Not dial up friendly. :) )

Golden Globes in 22 minutes. Joy. It's award show junkie season! Mom already spoiled one of the awards for me - Hugh Laurie is up against Michael C Hall for best actor. Really tough call for me since I absolutely adore House and Dexter. If someone asked me to pick one, I don't think I could. I know who wins (don't even remember who else is in the category), and I definitely think both actors deserve it, but I kind of wish they handed it to the other (not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't heard/seen it yet . . . )
Woo. Go Kyra Sedgwick. I love that show. And her and Kevin Bacon are so f'ing adorable - he got all teary eyed while she was on stage. I love when actors/actresses are so genuine, grateful, and unexpecting. Despite the fact that she completely deserved that award, she was totally shocked. She's beautiful.

The show is reminding me how far behind I got on my movies, however.

Oh, and I no longer want to look like Scarlett Johansson. Justin Timberlake? Come on. She should totally be able to do better.

EDIT: Alright, I confess I didn't see Dreamgirls. I haven't even seen the Departed. But - Eddie Murphy won over Jack Nicholson and Ben Affleck? (Who I wouldn't normally argue for as an award winning actor, but he was really great in Hollywoodland.)
Eh. Maybe my award show junkie-ness is wearing off. I'm giving up and taking a Lush bath and heading to bed. I feel blech.



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