Jan. 17th, 2007

I feel like I should apologize to people who have me on their friends list for constantly being moody, irritable, bitchy, and so forth . . . my mental, emotional, and physical health isn't what I'd like it to be these days. And, of course, they're all interrelated, which isn't helping the matter any.

I want to go to the doctor tomorrow because I a) want to eventually figure out what is wrong with me and then b) have whatever that is taken care of. However, the little irrational voices in my head can't help themselves, thinking about all of the horrible things they might find in my chest X-ray. So there's a little bit of fear mixed in there as well.

Ah, the life of a quasi-hypochondriac. Maybe I'll do some google searching before the chiropractor and therapy to see what other rare illnesses I must have . . .
So. Damn. Congested. As the day's progressed, I've felt progressively worse.

Doctor tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. It sounds like I have a chest X-ray and possible antibiotics and/or another oral steroid. We'll see what happens. I can't take much more of this . . .

Therapy this morning was . . . Well, I used half of her tissue box.

Nyquil soon. Bed. I have been so useless. I feel like a zombie, almost like I'm not quite in my body. Which isn't supposed to sound as whacked-out as I'm sure it does. But the days in a row of feeling completely . . . aimless. Well, nevermind.



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