Jan. 24th, 2007

I have now been reminded why I always refuse to take red eye flights.

They suck.

I did manage to "sleep" for 3 hours of the 4+ hour flight to Charlotte, but I'm exhausted and my body feels all out of whack. According to my computer and body, it's 5am, and that's too damned early to be attempting to function.

Guess it didn't help that I had a shitty night's sleep the night beforeI left.

I'm feeling like airports have raised the prices of water since those silly fluid restrictions for carry-on baggage. I've probably now spent $20 on fucking H20 since I was in Sea-Tac 8 hours ago. (No joke, it's like $3-4 a bottle and when I fly, I drink a lot of it. My body and planes disagree. A lot. Which makes all of this traveling business a pain in my ass.)

But, at least Charlotte has wireless. Which puts Sea-Tac to shame.
I'm too tired to be amused, but I just tried to visit MySpace, and the Charlotte airport has it blocked because the site contains Adult/Mature content.

Some parts of the country baffle me.
I need to get away from all of these southern accents. In my sleep-deprived state, I think I may soon lose it.

Must. Get. Out. Of. This. Airport.



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