Jan. 27th, 2007

You know, this shit really pisses me off . . .

(Hartford, Connecticut) Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Friday that if the legislature passes a same-sex marriage bill she will veto it.

The threat comes as LGBT civil rights groups prepare for a new push next week on lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage.

In 2005, Rell, a Republican, signed a civil union bill - at the time the second in the nation, after Vermont, and the first to enact such a law without being ordered by a court.

"When I signed the civil union bill that I believed it covered the concerns that had been raised," Rell told reporters Friday when asked about a potential marriage bill in the legislature..

"And I believe that that bill was the appropriate way to go and I still do,'' Rell said.

When pressed about whether would veto a marriage bill if it passed she said, "And the answer is yes, I would veto a bill that provides for same-sex marriage.''

If she gets the chance to veto, same-sex marriage opponents will applaud her. These will be the same marriage opponents who at one time (post Hawaii, post Vermont, post Massachusetts) would have been screaming about leaving the issue up to the legislatures, where "law-making is supposed to be" or other such bullsh*t. Unless, of course, the legislature passes a law they don't like. Then it's okay for a single individual (a la a governor) to thwart the so-called 'will of the majority'. But, it's not okay for a handful of justices to make a decision they don't like . . . because gays are bad. The end.



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