Feb. 18th, 2007

I am tired.

In general.

And sometimes, I just want to poke myself in the eye with a fork. Or do something equally . . . ridiculous.
Debate over WA state piercing measures

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - With large flame-like earrings, an intricate nose piercing and visible tattoos, Troy Amundson is an unlikely lobbyist.

A professional body piercer at Apocalypse Tattoo and Piercing in Seattle, Amundson has been leading a fight to have the state regulate his industry to make it more legitimate and protect public health.

Lawmakers are considering several bills this session that would regulate body piercers and tattoo artists and restrict minors from getting piercings "on certain sensitive parts."

Amundson said most body piercers and tattoo artists follow strict sterilization procedures, but "unfortunately, there are people who get into this strictly for the money with little care for their client's health."

"Some kind of legislation would help make it more professional."

I heard something about this on TV, since I was too lazy to change the channel after Crossing Jordan. I immediately thought "oh jesus, some crazy legislator from a red part of the state is going to try to ban piercing below the neck, or tattooing in certain places, and so on and so forth." But, turns out, some of the bills are really quite reasonable (and introduced by blue county folk) and smart. I could see enforcement being difficult, but it never hurts to try . . .

Sometimes I still can't believe I actually got my navel pierced. Twice. God damn that hurt. I'd sit through another tattoo before I did that again. (Granted, I'd be retarded to do it again since it got infected both times.)

Anyways, random news.



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