Feb. 25th, 2007

It's that time again . . . Academy Awards!

I'm such a junkie for this stuff.

I love Ellen, too.

And so far, Pan's Labyrinth has won the first two awards (art direction and achievement in makeup) - both of which are so incredibly deserved.

ETA: Alright, I literally just cheered outloud for Alan Arkin. I was so worried Eddie Murphy would win. I was so annoyed with him at the Golden Globes - he was arrogant and ungracious. Likewise on the red carpet this evening. Alan is clearly all sorts of shook up, he shook his head 'no' when his name was announced, both of which are just adorable. Plus, I absolutely loved that film.

ETA2: Alright, the American Idol turned Dreamgirls chick won an Oscar over fricken Cate Blanchett? Puh-lease . . . I didn't see the movie and I don't care if it's good. We're talking about Cat Blanchett people.

ETA3: I don't care if it was for political reasons and I don't care if it makes me a cheesy bastard . . . I clapped when "An Inconvenient Truth" won. Go Al. :)

ETA4: Mmm. Hugh Jackman clean shaven. Yes please. And Penelope Cruz is just gorgeous . . . In non Oscar news, I saw a commercial for fricken California while watching this. Yes. California. Is the state really in that much trouble? Jack Nicholson is bald! Holy crap. Ellen looks fabulous in her white suit. And, the beauty of watching this delayed is that I can fast-forward through all the boring crap - like speeches from people I don't know or give a crap about.



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