Mar. 27th, 2007

Um. Ow. Really fucking ow.

So, whatever the fuck this is has moved down into my chest/lungs. When I cough, it feels like I'm stomping on my lungs. It's the kind of cough that *tries* to get rid of mucus (ew), isn't quite successful, but leaves the lingering dry sting in your chest for many, many minutes to follow.

I am so tired and I desperately want to sleep. However, propping myself up in bed or on my couch hasn't worked and I've taken more cough suppressants than really should be allowed.

\end complaining (for now)
Showering at 1:50pm.

Better late than never, no?

I'm using this nasty chest cold as an excuse for sitting around in my pajamas all day. But, I suppose a shower would be good . . .
Last night, I went to a lecture given by Brian Greene. The corresponding lecture, given by Stephen Hawking, is on the 7th. I'm secretly such a junkie for this stuff . . . the talk was titled "Cosmology at the Frontier".

I wonder what it must be like to have your brain be that . . . big.

I was familiar with some of the talk - mainly the stuff about the Big Bang and Inflationary Universe Theories from watching too much of the Discovery channel. Blows my mind. The presence of radiation leftover from the Big Bang (or whatever you want to call it) in today's universe is . . . well, mind blowing.

But String Theory. Eh? My brain kind of wanted to crawl out of my ears. Strings, branes, multiverses, aaagghhh . . .

But now I want to read his stuff. Although, I'm not sure how much of the stuff I would actually digest and comprehend.

Here I am, a fricken Political Scientist. And people are out there thinking about the origins of the universe. *sigh*

Should've remained a chemist. At least, then, I could feel relevant.



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