Apr. 4th, 2007

Um. My dream(s). Seriously. WTF?

What I can remember . . . a group of us enter a building. (Oddly, I remember Dr. House being there. And me lusting after him. Heh.) A woman there gets a package and opens it. She opens it and screams. It's a mini replica of the exact building we're in. We all start to rush out, but then somehow someone realizes that the replica must mean that someone's in the second floor/attic watching us. (I'm not quite sure how that worked, but that's why it's a dream.) And if we try to leave or do anything like that, he'll start shooting or doing something crazy. Who knows. We find he (I suppose the evil-doer could be a woman, but whatever) has put mini-microphones all over the place so that he can hear what we're talking about in the middle of a conversation about how we're going to get help. It was lots of waiting, tension, worry. Somehow eventually we got rescued and were able to leave . . .

I can't even begin to describe most of my second dream. It involved some strongly religious group a small number of friends of mine met at a festival, show, or something. For whatever bizarre reason, we were going to have be quasi-crucified (minus the whole bloody dying part), tied to these poles for several days. Which, not surprisingly, concerned me. Then the leader of this whacko group (well, in my dream they were pretty terrifying) told me I was pregnant. He knew, somehow. (Maybe his god told him.) And I freaked. Immaculate conception?

Yeah. That's all I can remember. Sometimes, waking life is actually better than my dreaming life. (Well, sadly, most of the time it is. I'm rarely lucky enough to have peaceful, happy, good dreams.)
I realize that, for a number of reasons, polling is incredibly important (or many people think polling is incredibly important) in our political system.

I have a slew of problems with opinion polling and twice as many problems with using those opinion polls in academic research.

However, sometimes certain things can not be avoiding. (Like when, for example, the organiztion that put together the data archive is giving you a travel grant to go to the conference.)

But, here is one of the reasons why opinions polls make me go . . . WTF?!

What’s your opinion, do you think that Jesus would or would not drive an SUV?
Would not
Would not drive/would walk (volunteered)
Don’t know/Refused (volunteered)

I personally think he would drive one of those limo-length Hummers, while talking on his Spring cell-phone, drinking a latte from Starbucks, and listening to NPR.



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