Apr. 5th, 2007

Found the furbabies like this this afternoon.

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I over slept. I couldn't even drag my ass out of bed for an 11:00 am chiropractor appointment after my alarm went off at 9:15. I don't even remember turning it off.

Say it with me. L-A-M-E.
So, I have always been incredibly impressed by and proud of my grandfather (maternal). In my eyes, he's brilliant. A genius. Hysterical. A genuinely amazing man. But, he would never admit to knowing it. He's so quiet and humble at the same time.

His name is on the patent for one of the components of the CT Scan Machine (which is somewhere in the Smithsonian). Because I'm not an engineer, the actual name of the part has completely escaped me.

Now, he's the focus of a chapter in a book that a former GE employee wrote on the history of numerical control. I'm not sure the book is officially out yet, but my grandfather got himself a copy. Here's a link I found with a list of chapters. This is him:

Lee Foley, Medium Induction Motor Department 1953 - 1954 46

This, too, will be featured somewhere in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

Some of my fondest memories I have of him involve going to my grandparents' house to visit to find him in the garage or basment building some new contraption.

It's not everyday a person gets their name placed somewhere in a Museum like that.

It's funny how life happens, really. Before he got drafted into the navy, my grandfather never thought of being an engineer. However, he wound up an engineer during WWII. When he came back from the war, he decided to go to Union College and study electrical engineering, figuring he already had a leg-up from his time in the navy. Then he spent many decades at GE.



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