Apr. 7th, 2007

Okay, really. With the dreams already.

I'm blanking already on a huge portion of it, but I was on some trip with a bunch of people. Some I know in real life, some I don't. One of the leaders, or whatever (she reminds me of Paula Dean now, at least in terms of looks), was a bit of a religious nut. And this, obviously, did not work for me and a few of my friends. So we battled it out, loudly, at night with her. She wound up locking us out of where we had to be . . . Gah, it's fading too fast. I really should work on that dream journal thing.

However, the worst part of the dream involved my mother. Somehow, in the 5-6 days since she met this woman, her world view had been completely transformed. She was now a religious nut (sorry, totally not PC, but this is my journal after all). I was sobbing and screaming, feeling so lost and confused, asking her how in the world this happened to her so quickly. In the process, of course, she said while she would always love me, she now rejected quite a bit of my life choices and so on. We could no longer be friends because of this, but had to restrict our relationship to mother/daughter. I was devastated and crushed. It was pretty awful.

I should probably give her a call. Make sure she didn't somehow find god over night.



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