May. 3rd, 2007

Therapy this morning: According to Wendy I am to repeat "I am a genius" over and over to myself until and through 9am tomorrow. We talked about other things of course.

Doctor's: Yet anoher allergy medication to add to the mix - Singulair. And he referred me to an allergy clinic so that "they can have a crack at me." (I thought that framing fit very well.) The medical assistant laughed when she took my blood pressure - "a bit anxious, are we?"

No, not at all.

Mmm. Tool. Because when I think of study music, I think of Tool.

Or something.
I am a genius.

I am a genius.

I know everything there is to know about American Politics.


Oops, fell off chair laughing.

(Actually, I'm in an alarmingly decent mood, considering.)

Going to go for a walk and get a latte. Those 30 minutes are certainly not going to make or break me tomorrow.
I am done studying. I will now go eat mint chocolate chip ice cream (but it's light!) in front of the TV and let my brain rest. I will force it to stop thinking about representation, democratic citizenship and participation, institutions, policymaking, conflict, and so forth if I have to. If TV and ice cream don't work and I have to resort to wine . . . well, that's an easy one.



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