May. 10th, 2007

Mmm. The woman who made my latte at Vivace was beautiful. Not a bad way to start the day - caffeine and beautiful women.

Speaking of beautiful people, I can't hardly wait for Jonatha Brooke's show in Seattle. It's been over 4 years since I last saw her, somewhere in NY. Fell in love with her when she played at the tiny coffee shop on Hamilton's campus somewhere during the 99-00 school year.

I am having the most difficult time motivating since yesterday. It's frustrating.

Meeting with Michael went fine. He clearly, per always, has too many plates spinning. He did emphasize, more than once, that I should not be stressing or worried over my public law exam next Friday. He suspects I could have passed it when I entered the program. Which, in its' own right, was nice to hear. Because interactions with the man can occasionally be so awkward, it's hard to remember how and what he thinks of me. So, for now, I'll assume he thinks I'm bright (enough). We talked a bit about summer work and he mentioned something about getting articles out as an aside, so that's hopeful. I know I've been here for 4 years and Michael the legend has become Michael the man, but I would still be pretty damn excited to have my name next to his on a publication. Oh yes. Yes I would.

Emotions are a funny thing. I am decent at coping with many of them. Depression and anxiety, for example, I am for better or worse familiar with. They occasionally knock me down, of course, but I know how to push through them. Anger, however, is a different story. I don't consider myself an angry person, at least in terms of outward anger (I have spent plenty of time angry at myself, but that is a different matter), so it kind of drives me nuts. Literally, it's like I don't know what to do with myself. So, I sort of spent yesterday wandering through the aftershocks from Tuesday. I have not heard from any of the relevant parties again, so that is good. If I do, neither of them will appreciate it.

I hate when I do stupid shit, but I started my day by accidently throwing out a brand new Dream Cream from Isle of Eden. Took boxes out for recycling, dumped the styrofoam peanuts into the dumpster and heard thunk. I thought I'd transferred everything from the box into my bedroom but, obviously, I was wrong. *sigh*

Alright, time to take a serious look at my reading list and figure out what I need to get, read, review, and so forth.



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