May. 30th, 2007

Today is "take care of Shauna" day. It started with the chiropractor and a lovely iced latte from Vivace. Continued with a 90 minute facial and spending too much money on new face products (but if I absolutely had to cut my shopping and spending down to almost nothing, the one thing I'll always be willing to spend cash on is my skin - largest organ of the body, the one exposed to all of the elements, and I just like taking care of it; plus, it's been misbehaving quite a bit lately, which suggests that my current routine isn't quite doing the trick). After a few minutes home for a bottle of water and a quick bite, it's off to a 75 minute massage.

Because I'm worth it.

I think.
I had the best massage I've ever had this afternoon. The man found muscles I didn't know I had and used. Plus, he somehow managed to loosen up my hips and whatever else enough to get my knee to touch my chest. Nice, soothing, relaxing massages are wonderful. But I'm more for the "fight with muscles and really work out the kinks" kind of a massage. He was great - everything approached and came very near my pain threshold, but it was never grit-my-teeth-forget-to-breathe pain. He also explained almost everything (what it was and why it was screwed up) as he was working on it which, since I'm a total nerd, I loved.

I will be visiting him again. In fact, I have been thinking about making massage a more regular part of my routine. My chiropractor and others have suggested it to me for dealing with my neck/shoulder/back issues. So why not?

I am now completely exhausted. Eating that half pint of Phish Food sure took it out of me. (Hey, it's the 10th anniversary edition. I'm obligated to indulge.)



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