Jun. 11th, 2007

So my little man, Maynard, is going in to get his teeth cleaned tomorrow. I have to drop him off before 9am and I won't get him back until the following day.

I wish desperately I could explain to him what it is he's going to get done and why I'm putting him through it. I wish so much he could know that it is because I love and care about him and wish nothing more than for him to live an incredibly long and very healthy life. I want to hug him in the morning and whisper into his fluffy cat ears that he is going to be okay, that I am going to miss him for the day, and that I will be there first thing the next morning.

It's hard to know that instead, he will be scared and unhappy on the car ride to the vet tomorrow. I fear he will wonder that I'm abandoning him when I hand his carrier over to the vet techs. When he spends the night in the vet clinic, without me, I worry that it will only compound his fear. And then I worry that it will take him days to forgive me when I pick him up on Tuesday.

I know most of this is irrational. There is no way I can get him to understand. I suspect this is akin to the kind of frustration parents must have with babies and toddlers - children who are yet unable to really comprehend and understand what is going on around them. Like a baby, Maynard does not understand intentions, motivations, and things like long term considerations.

*sigh* But I must just keep reminding myself that I would be less than a fabulous catmom if I failed to take care of his teeth and gums. He will eventually forgive me. His crying and his fear will only be temporary, and I will do all that I can to make up for it with treats and love on Tuesday.

Yes, I'm serious. I'm really this worried about bringing him in tomorrow.

I similarly dread doing the same for Hermione next month.

I hope I can sleep tonight.
So tired. Of course, the furbabies won't let me sleep because they're wondering where their food is. They want breakfast, like every other morning, but Maynard isn't supposed to eat. He's wandering around his food mat as we speak right now, sniffing.

Poor beast. :( Guess I could just shower and get him there right when they open at 7:30 . . .



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