Jun. 23rd, 2007

So, this is an incredibly random lead up to this video, but . . .

Well, I finally watched the So You Think You Can Dance episode where they pick the top 20. I've been meaning to watch the show this season, but don't particularly care about the lead up to that or the first few episodes and eliminations. After watching it, I thought I'd check out youtube to see if I could find any videos of the routines I've missed.

I didn't really, but I found a bunch of videos of Shauna (one of the contestants - who also happens to have an absolutely fabulous name) doing solo lyrical routines. And a ton of other lyrical routines from other people.

After watching those for about a half hour, I searched for 'tap dance.'

And let me tell you. Wow. Talk about . . . crap. I haven't put my tap shoes on since around 1998 and I would outshine most of the videos up there! What the hell? I'll never understand the apparent less popularity tap receives relative to other forms of dance like lyrical or modern. Some of the lyrical routines were stunning. Search for tap and you get 4 girls doing hip-hop (badly) in tap shoes and shaking their asses, a 14 year old duo dancing worse than I did when I was 8, with a few miscellaneous decent videos.

So to redeem tap, I searched for Gene Kelly. Whom I will forever adore and could watch dance all day. I cried when he passed, as I'd always dreamed of meeting him when I was younger.

One of the search results was the following video of skater Kurt Browning. It's pure genius. I love it!

And for those who haven't seen the original clip 100s of times, here it is.

God damn the man was handsome. And talented.

I miss my tap shoes. I miss the days when I actually had talent . . . now I just read and write. *sigh*

Back to Gene.



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