Jul. 14th, 2007

It's good to be home.

Mom is awesome: she had a little display of welcome home goodies on my dresser for when I arrived Thursday night. Several things were practical - saline, tampons, face wash. But she'd also included a cute Catz game for my Nintendo DS (guilty pleasure), some foot lotion and spa socks, and . . . The Essential Michael Jackson. Yep, he's a seriously creepy guy, but he wasn't the king of pop for nothing. Probably one of my most guilty pleasures, but I'm not too proud to admit it. So, that's all I've been listening to since yesterday morning, since I refuse to turn the radio on and I have no other CDs. ;)

She also picked up my birth control pills for me today, which was lovely of her. I'd been getting them free from my gyno, but she's run out for the time being and I need to start a new pack tomorrow. Since my insurance is useless out here, my mom was over by CVS and was thinking that they would probably be expensive (and I'm a poor graduate student), so grabbed them for me. Which was fabulous of her because the one pack wound up costing $60. The cost of birth control has always struck me as ridiculous, of course . . .

Tonight: Tool.



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