Jul. 28th, 2007

And I can still spell! I can't walk straight, but I can spell.

Funny. Just this afternoon I was commenting on how this would be the first Law & Society without getting drunk with Michael. Then, unexpectedly, he joins a group of us for drinks and dinner (even though he had originally claimed to have other plans). I love firsts with Michael - tonight he danced while reading the menu. Priceless. And I received a big drunken hug from him on the way out. Nothing like advisor-advisee love.

One of the things I noticed this evening, and really like, is that they treat me like one of them. It was Michael, his wife, Scott, Bill (Michael's co-author and my other boss), Bill's partner, and myself. And rarely, if ever, was it acknowledged that I was the sole graduate student and some 20-30 years younger than all of them. It's a really rewarding feeling, I have to say. A little confirmation here and now is always nice.

A few days ago Bill asked if I was going to get anything out of all the RA work I've done. I mentioned that Michael has said on a handful of occasions he'd like to include me in a paper or two, but it hasn't panned out yet. So he told me he'd mention it. I got a phone call when I got back to my room this evening from Bill - he called to let me know that prior to dinner he had mentioned something to Michael, but he hadn't found a prudent time to let me know during dinner. So I should 'watch the skies.'

I'm throwing myself a giant, drunken party if/when my name shows up next to Michael's on a publication. I now realize that he is just as human as I am, but I have an enormous respect for him intellectually. He is, after all, essentially the academic that inspired me to even think about the field I'm in. Winding up as an equal of his would be something of a dream come true.

I just have to hope that I contained my drunkenness well enough. Although I did see him dance. I can always bring that up as blackmail.
Oh, and I'm having the strange urge to drunk dial.

Must resist.



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