Aug. 1st, 2007

I am in Albany.

I have showered the plane off me.

I didn't even unpack. (I always unpack, no matter what time.)

I am in my PJs and going to collapse.

That's all I have energy for right now.
It is very, very hot here. I left Berlin - where it was chilly (60?), windy, and rainy. Now I'm melting. But at least I have AC.

Woke up at 5 this morning, which I suppose is no surprise since it was 11am in Berlin. Wasted time, chatted with mom before she went to work, laid down with TWC again, and fell asleep for a bit more around 8.

Picked up rental car, sat at Starbucks and nearly finished Anansi Boys, now waiting for mom to get home so we can head to lunch.

My room is a disaster, but it's very good to be back. I do miss German beer already, however. I think I will be frequenting Die Bierstube much more once I return to Seattle.

I managed not to gain weight while I was there, either. A near miracle, considering I had beer at almost every meal except breakfast. Guess it was all that walking.

My poor sister has to get her gallbladder removed on the 13th. Until then, if she wishes to be free from pain, she is restricted to a fat free diet. Fat free saltines, clear liquids, maybe bland, broiled chicken. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

Apparently digestive problems really do run in the family. Until she went to the doctor for the ultrasound, my dad claimed she had many of the symptoms he had right before he was diagnosed with crohn's. Probably one of the rare occasions where someone was actually excited to find out their gallbladder had to be removed.



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