Aug. 3rd, 2007

Saw the doctor yesterday and I managed to avoid a cast. The doctor showed me the X-rays and had a difficult time even identifying the fracture. "You sure they told you it was broken? Which bone did they say?" I proceeded to laugh, make some nasty comments about ER care. "She walked in. Said 'you did manage to break it, it's a minor hairline fracture', and that was the end of our communication." He laughed. Found a shadow on the X-ray right around where it hurts the most. Then said that because there was pain while he was pushing on my foot, he supposes he'll call it a fracture. Which suggests to me it's not all that bad . . .

So, I have one of those awesome boots, but at least I can remove it. The thought of a cast was definitely not appealing to me.

Still working on the crutches. I'm sore everyplace else this morning - my left leg from hopping around, my arms from going up and down stairs on my ass, and so on. It's awesome.
I love my dad, I really do. However, of all places in the house, he decides he needs to sit in the family room (where I'm sort of stationed since Wednesday) to talk on the phone. Loudly. Now, I'm not really paying attention to the TV, but I also don't care to hear his phone calls. Even the benign ones are annoying. The more interesting ones make my blood pressure rise. I've already made a comment once, but it apparently had no impact. Which is not terribly surprising.

The two of us went to see Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon. Turned out to be a fairly serious test of my crutch skills. And I barely passed.

By the time I got to the car after the movie I was exhausted from the trip. Which makes me feel completely lame. I'm also incredibly sore. My left quad is sore from all of my hopping around the house (since I refuse to use the crutches around here) and my arms are super sore.


Then he gets on the phone on the way home and . . . *grumble* Why in the world my dad insists on continuing to associate with people who regularly screw him over is beyond me. He complains and moans about it and then adopts another loser into his ring of people who stress him out, take his money, and so on and so forth. It's truly absurd and I'll never really understand it. It's better if I don't hear about the stupid situations he gets in, because as I get older I have an increasingly difficult time biting my tongue.

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