Aug. 8th, 2007

I am here. Got in around 12:30am, back to the apartment around 1:30.

It would appear that I was, in fact, missed by the furbabies, as I was seriously mauled by 25 pounds of fluff somewhere in the middle of the night. It was like a competition between Maynard and Hermione as to who could cover the most surface area of my body with their fluff. So, that made me feel warm and fuzzy. (Ha. Literally.)

They're not huge fans of the boot, but they'll get used to it I assume. Haven't used the crutches in the apartment yet. Seems kind of foolish for such small distances.

I *had* to vacuum this morning. You can only imagine what an apartment with two long haired cats looks like after a month. Then, imagine if you will, vacuuming while hopping around on one foot. Needless to say, I got my workout for the day. But, I feel much, much better about being stuck here. My foot's a little sore now, but it was worth it for the somewhat less furry apartment.

Now I need a nap.
Hm. Starving. And yet, very little food in the house. Not quite sure I'm ready for a trip to the grocery store. Also think I'm suffering from a caffiene headache.

Let me say - there really is something to be said for being taken care of by the parents.
Time to shower. Finally.

This will be the first shower in my own shower, which doesn't have the nice non-slip surface the shower in my bathroom at my parents' house has.

So, if you don't see a post from me for the next day or two . . . I don't know. Call someone.



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