Aug. 15th, 2007

Um, weird. I had a test anxiety dream last night. I wish I could remember who the instructor was - someone who really was in my past, but intimidating. It was an AP exam I think. And I forgot to answer an entire section. Which, of course, stressed me out a bit.

Alright, back to bed. Why I felt compelled to sit at my computer after feeding the cats is a mystery.
I guess, if nothing else, the crutches have forced me to 'exercise.' Walking to and from the chiropractor this morning was a serious workout. Nothing like having to lift your body weight every step.

Finally saw HP5 last night at the IMAX theater with Misti. Holy shit. Definitely the best one yet. And, something about it made it better than the book for me, for the first time. Yes, sure - plenty of things were left out, due to the necessity of time. However, some of the storyline was captured so incredibly on the screen. From the very beginning, it was a terrifying and dark film. Harry is older (and, I'm ashamed to admit, fucking adorable), life is more difficult, all of the characters are growing up, it's clear war is brewing. Not a movie for children, if you ask me. Plus, 20 minutes of the film were in 3D, which was completely trippy. I'm not too proud to admit - I cringed away from 'things' a few times.

Oh, and there was something especially sexy about Snape in the film.

And the character who plays Lucius Malfoy is oh-so-perfectly evil.

And I wanted to reach into the screen and tear Umbridge's head off at the neck. The actress who played her was fabulous and generated exactly the kind of emotion I believe was intended. She so perfectly captured the dark, viscious persona covered in that sugary, pink exterior.

Blah blah blah.

Going to lie on my couch, because everything else makes my knee hurt.
Today is the four year anniversary of the day I moved out here.



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