Jan. 31st, 2007

In Seattle.

In the presence of my loving furbabies. The world is a better place because of them.

No luggage, so I can't stay up and unpack tonight. Which is just as well. Ironic, however, since I just acquired a very bright, teal suitcase that should be impossible to miss. Apparently the people in Philly were drinking heavily or something though, because there were nearly 10 of us who arrived without luggage. Thank you, USAIR.

I have a headache. My eyes burn. My stomach is in some serious pain (1.5 more months and I can go back on my meds - thank fucking god). I am tired. And would like the world to pause for a few days so I can rest.
Unfortunate: It's a beautiful, sunny day. However, my eyes are in no condition to have contacts put in them and my prescription sunglasses are in my suitcase. Which is still MIA.
What, exactly, do we pay airlines for? I travel a good 6-7 times a year, often more, spending $2,000-$3,000 on airline tickets. They frequently do not get me to my destination on time; when I do arrive I am often in pain because they're obviously not spending that money on seats; the air on the planes is horrible; they don't feed you; the flight attendants don't come around enough; when you get stuck somewhere, they tell you you're on your own; and now I apparently also can not expect them to transport my luggage.

Yes, I realize things could be worse. It's a suitcase full of material goods. Material goods costing well over $2,500 - money I don't have to replace said material goods. And, it's not all about what I may be losing here. It's 2007 - what the fuck are those baggage tags for if they're not scanning the damned things? At the present moment, my suitcase is completely MIA. There is no evidence that it exists aside from my growing anger at its absence. I called once this morning - no update, call later. I just called again - the next flight from Albany is arriving at 10:30. Call an hour after that. Is my bag on that plane? I can't tell you that. What does that mean? It means she doesn't know. No one knows. Do they just randomly throw luggage around and hope it ends up on the right goddamned plane?

Mental inventory:
blow dryer & diffuser
my favorite hair products (and people, that's serious)
> $120 in Lush goodies (just surpassing my obsession with my hair: my obsession with my skin)
my tall, black, Merrill boots that are barely 2 months old
3 of my favorite pairs of jeans
10 sweaters, several of my favorites
8 bras and corresponding pairs of underwear
2 sets of pajamas
Northface turquoise down vest
Blue REI fleece
3 new CDs
my prescription sunglasses
my expensive pair of regular sunglasses
2 of my favorite necklaces
recharger for my electric toothbrush, which is about to die
makeup case + makeup

See, when I travel, since I can't pack my whole damned closet (though I certainly do try), I pack my favorites - since I know there's a very good chance I'll want to wear/use them.

I shouldn't have done that. Since now I'm just more annoyed.

In other news, today was a beautiful day. But, I couldn't get out of my mood (not due solely to the missing luggage).
My mood is improving. I am still incredibly worried about my luggage - again, I know it's just stuff, but I will be really upset if it's gone for good.

So far today: chiropractor, therapy (I love that woman), consumer therapy (it just had to happen - Lush called from across the water), TV (CSI, Rome), hang out with cats . . .

family time )

kitties! )

and more furballs )

Sure, I felt a little silly for being as annoyed by it as I was, but . . . whatever.

Now I just have to hope they show up with it earlier than 2 (four hour window began at 10) . . . I don't care. I have luggage.

Oh, and the fluffiest cat ever who just fell asleep in my arms for a few minutes and drooled all over me. Now, if that's not cute, I don't know what is.

I think I'll take a bath.



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