Mar. 25th, 2007

So, I got an extra day with mom. Dropped her off at the airport, came home, made some tea, and plopped myself on the couch for a day of movie watching. (Still in jammies, deciding I was too lazy to shower.) Popped in Blade Runner. An hour in, I got a phone call from mom. Her first flight was delayed, which was going to cause her to miss her connection in O'Hare. Her flight was overbooked, so they were looking for people to bump, and would I mind coming to get her so she could stay another day?

Of course not!

By then, the sun finally came out for the afternoon. We walked down Broadway (well, after I showered) for some brunch. Hung out at the apartment for a bit. Then we went to see "Music & Lyrics." Yes, I am a complete sucker for cheesy romantic comedies. If you add Hugh Grant to the mix, I'm totally sold.

I mean, how fricken adorable is he?

Plus, the price of admission is worth the first 5 minutes alone - which is an 80's pop video. Hugh as an 80's pop star is pretty fucking hysterical.

Came home and watched Food TV for the rest of the night.

Of course, that means we have to go through saying good-bye all over again tomorrow. *sigh*

And the chest/sinus cold is here. Hopefully as full force as it plans on getting. I had the worst sinus headache this evening.

I guess some day I'll get used to them . . .



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