May. 12th, 2007

Could this boy be any more adorable?

He's the perfect combination of dorky and sexy.

And in my age range.

Now if only we could run into each other while I'm having a well-rested, fabulous hair day . . .

Erin and I went to see "The Ex" this evening and then had a few beers at the Elysian. I suppose finishing off phad thai leftovers a few minutes ago and heading to bed a few minutes from now is not going to help that 'oh god I need to stop putting on weight' situation . . . but, there's always tomorrow.
Deep breath.

Moment of panic in honor of my looming public law exam.

I know it is my primary field, but I feel like that sets the bar a bit higher. By now, I should have something smart to say about the various areas within the field of public law. Of course, at the moment, my brain's pretending it's never heard of legal mobilization.

Maybe coffee will help.
Today was one of those days where you look in the mirror and think . . . ick. I actually drove to University Zoka with intentions of work, flipped open my visor mirror to throw on some lip gloss, and then - yes, indeed I am this vain occasionally - decided my skin wasn't suitable for public consumption. Just my skin. I didn't really give a damn what I was wearing.

I have since showered again, however, and am feeling slightly better about things.

I wind up with bruises in the oddest of places. I wish I had good stories to go along with them. My newest is the one I just discovered on top of my hand. You'd think I'd remember slamming my hand into something, but . . . apparently not.

I know I threaten celibacy periodically on here - usually in the midst of yet-another-fight with a birth control pill. This time I'm sure it's my fault. 12 hours late taking a dose. Punishment: multiple-week long period. Does it get any more fun than that?

No, I think not.

To get tickets to see Lucinda Williams at McCaw Hall on the 11th of June or not? That is the question.

Off to read. Think I'll go to Remedy Teas where, not only can I get a pot of delicious green tea, I can also get myself a tea cocktail. And that has to make reading about judicial behavior slightly more interesting - no?

(Work with me here.)



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