May. 21st, 2007

Oh crap. It looks like it could cost $600 to get me home this summer.
It is 11:00am and I still haven't showered. I am exhausted, almost feel like I'm hungover, and have a splitting headache. I haven't slept for shit since Friday and my brain feels like mush.

Ah, Mondays.
Well, looks like I'm going to be the graduate student admissions committee representative next year. I was the only one nominated, so unless the entire graduate student body decides to not vote . . . It's a job I've been considering for awhile. The committee is one I'd been wanting to influence since my second year here. I've been consistently underwhelmed by the incoming classes. Of course, a single graduate student will hardly sway a group of stubborn faculty members, but a girl can dream.

I did, of course, advise the graduate student President that he should start thinking about a backup plan in case Wednesday goes horribly wrong.

In that case, plans will quickly be unfolding for a move back east.
I was scanning my external harddrive for something miscellaneous and I found a mystery document titled "brilliant.doc".


So I opened it, and found this, from some IM conversation in June 2004:

Hmm Sketch (11:08:43 PM): Shauna-induced heartbreaks are distributed normally with mean 2 and an unknown variance of sigma squared
Hmm Sketch (11:09:28 PM): a random sample of 3 relationships is taken from the population
Angel9fish (11:09:37 PM): lol
Hmm Sketch (11:10:05 PM): using the hypergeometric approximation, what is the probability that a given individual will come crawling back after being dumped 3 times?
Hmm Sketch (11:10:25 PM): please round to the nearest 4 decimal places

This is why I love Sam.

Well, one of the many reasons I love Sam.



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