May. 24th, 2007

I'm pretty sure I could have stayed in bed until tomorrow afternoon.

Instead I need to get in the shower so I can spend 3 hours at the NW Asthma and Allergy Clinic.

Today feels like a long day, but I guess that's because it's my first nearly-stress free (in my life, there is no such thing as purely stress-free) day in quite some time.

Started out at the Allergy and Asthma clinic. They did some breathing tests, poked me with 22 potential allergens, and took a CT-scan of my sinuses.

Oddly enough, my breathing tests were above what is predicted for a woman of my age and weight, I reacted to none of the allergens, and my sinuses were clear. Apparently I have a deviated septum, but that doesn't appear to be causing any of the usual problems.

So, my asthma is under control and I have no identifiable allergies. Puzzling.

The doctor was incredibly nice though and gave me a bunch of literature on the linkages between asthma and GERD. Apparently all of the symptoms I have been associating with allergies and asthma, can be due to asthma and GERD. So I can very likely thank my reflux for the cough, the throat clearing, and post nasal drip even.

That still doesn't quite explain the sudden onset of the cough in August, when I'd been suffering with reflux for years prior. But it at least ruled out my cats, mold, trees, and so on as potential causes.

So the doctor reduced the doses of several of my medications, gave me a new nasal spray, and a trial pack of this saline stuff to clean out my sinuses. Sounds kinda gross, but we'll see. I get to see him in 6 months. Sooner if I get worse, obviously.

I've scheduled a hair appointment for next Tuesday (it's been three months - my roots are way over an inch long, but it was nice to be reminded what my actual hair color is), a facial and brow wax for Wednesday (the facial is because my skin has decided to revolt - it's not noticeable from further away, but I've noticed how wacky it's become over the last several weeks and it's driving me insane - as in I lie in bed at night stressing over it), and a 75 minute massage for Wednesday late afternoon.

Then therapy Thursday morning.

With any luck, I'll resemble a normal human being by that afternoon.

I am glad yesterday is over, but feel I've been disappointing people with my lack of enthusiasm. It is a relief, yes. An accomplishment, yes. But the hardest part is yet to come. And when you walk back into the room after 10 minutes, your chair congratulates you, and then in the same breath asks "what's next?" (congratulations-so-about-that-dissertation . . . ), it's hard to pause and celebrate what winds up feeling like a small milestone after the fact. (And a giant fucking boulder beforehand.)

Michael would like me to defend a prospectus in November/December. So I better get cracking.


Today is for science fiction.



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