Jun. 29th, 2007

I really need to get to work.


But not today.

It occurred to me, when the adorable manager came down with my lease renewal, that in 6 weeks I'll be celebrating my 4th year anniversary here. Yikes. It also means that, assuming all goes well, I'm more than halfway through my time in Seattle and in the program. That scares me a bit. Because . . . I have no idea where I'll be headed when it's all over.

I head home 2 weeks from yesterday. Which means I get to see Tool in 2 weeks and a day. Squee.

I was kindly reminded yesterday morning that I am a total nerd. I was in Starbucks glancing at the front page of the NYT and burst into laughter. The person I was with was confused and amused that I was laughing at the front page of the NYT. And thought it was pretty fabulous that it was over the fact that Scalia accused Roberts of being a wuss and hypocrite on two separate occasions the other day.

I am trying, desperately, to avoid becoming depressed about the fact that I am - despite all my attempts to live in denial - a poor graduate student. A quick scan of my bank account and credit card statements make that abundantly clear. *sigh*

Starving, must eat.



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