Aug. 12th, 2007

I needed a pick me up, so I caved and bought a 3 pack of Foxers a little while ago.

Of course, as with all consumer therapy purchases, the perk only lasted a few minutes. I suppose there will be another once they arrive, but that won't last very long either.

ETA: I forgot. I'm signed up for the Story People story of the day and today's story was just so . . . fitting for how I feel today. It's called Aiming Low:

I need you to come home soon, she said. I'm walking around like a woman who's let herself go.

Funny when little things like that just work.
Ah, I forgot to update about Eddie. :)

He was, as always, fabulous. I was a tiny disappointed that he wasn't in drag for the show, as it was Mark's first time ever seeing Eddie. I figured, to get the full Izzard effect, you should see him in lipstick and leather boots for the first time. But, I suspected he might forego all of that given what he's been working on lately (probably has to maintain facial hair for The Riches, for example). Or he just felt like looking like a sexy guy, which is always a possibility as well. I'll take Eddie in jeans, a button down, and blazer just as easily as I'll take him with boobs and a mini skirt.

He was on stage for about 2 hours, which is never long enough. Of course, I'm so smitten that all he has to do is change his facial expression for me to laugh. The show was his usual great combination of politics, pop culture, religion, history, miscellaneous amusement. For example, at one point in the show, a fly did a kamikaze run at Eddie's forehead. Literally. So the next 10 minutes, at least, was Eddie talking insects and following the fly around the stage. Somehow, he even made that hysterical. He made a few references to earlier shows, which were hysterical, but someone like Mark would have missed them, having not seen Unrepeatable, Dressed to Kill, and so forth.

Unfortunately, I consumed a few too many McMennaman's beers beforehand to remember really specific details (not that there was a high likelihood of that anyways - I don't have that kind of memory).

All in all, worth the money and aggravation spent from Berlin to acquire tickets. Plus, he was oh-so-close in the tiny theater. Thirteen rows away, you could see every facial movement and expression, which is exactly how one should see Eddie.

For the curious, he looked a bit like he does in this photo.



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