Sep. 12th, 2007

For those anxiously awaiting an update on my cervix. Oh, you know you were. )

So, I completely missed that it was September 11. Reflecting on the last 6 years, however, probably would have made me feel just as queasy, nauseous, and so forth as I felt yesterday afternoon. So we'll consider it remembered.

Back to Seattle tomorrow where, sadly, I will no longer be able to live in my fabulous state of denial. I have my TA assignment (constitutional law . . . *groan*), my office (at least I don't have to move all of my shit), the department fall reception is scheduled (two weeks from Friday), which means the quarter starts in slightly less than two weeks (wants to cry). This also means Shauna better get her ass in gear and do all of the RA work she's been pretending to do for the last month.

11:10am. Guess I could shower.
Tonight, mom and I are going to see Genesis.


And I'm excited.

So if you feel like laughing . . . bugger off. ;)

Granted, it's not quite as exciting as it would be if both Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel were going to be there. However, I had a fangirl crush on Phil Collins when I was like 8. Yes, that was 18 years ago. But better late than never!

She claims we have good seats, so I'm anxious to see where they are (and how much she spent on them).

One of the many reasons I'm lucky mom likes to have a good time . . . Who else would I see old school cheesy bands with? (Or have buy me overly expensive tickets to see the Rolling Stones because she'll be able to go as well?)

Of course, my foot hurts. I should expect nothing less from my cantankerous body.



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